Codex Universal Test Target


UTT Objects

Members of the »UTT-community« consist of persons working at organizations in the digital and document imaging business. Their interest is the determination and the description of digitizing quality on a common base.

UTT Membership

  • The UTT community of interest is an open consortium with registered members.
  • Membership is for persons from organisations in the digital and document imaging business.
  • Membership is non anonymous (named membership).
  • New Members can only join the community through invitation by existing members.
  • The Membership is free of charge.
  • Members have to state their use and support of the UTT standard officially on their company web site.
  • The organisation to which a member belongs is listed on and linked to the UTT website as a UTT supporting organisation. On request member names can be mentioned as well.
  • Members place links on their web site to the UTT Info web site.
  • Only Members will have access to the UTT discussion forum on the UTT web site.

About the UTT Targets

3.1 Specification

  • Target descriptions and Tolerances are given in a technical specification document available from the UTT web site.
  • The information is accessible to members only.

3.2 Measuring with UTT

  • Members agree that if they state quality parameters based on UTT Targets that the targets they use were manufactured to the specifications and tolerances of the UTT.
  • They additionally state which software was used to analyse the results.
  • Members agree to support international standards for the evaluation wherever possible.

3.3 Change requests

Requests for modifications have to be supported by at least 3 different members of the community before being considered as a change request to be tested.

The change request has to be tested for

  • Practicability,
  • Production purposes,
  • No effects to already existing components or specification of the targets (except replacement/upgrade/enhancement to one of these components.
  • Change request has to be in line with / aims on a ISO / National / Common Standards


  • Is needed to describe an up to now unknown or not included quality parameter for digital imaging.
  • After testing the change request is voted by the community. It is necessary to have more than 75% yes-votes of all members in a named e-mail election out of the community.